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Due to CoVid-19, people now are staying at home more often because of the possible spread of the virus. Because of uncertainty, mass gatherings, classes, business meetings, and even social dates meet up through internet connection. By using social media like facebook.

Now, Christmas is near and everyone is wrapping up their gifts and scheduling their Christmas shopping dates. But many of us use the internet to shop online and give gifts by sending packages straight through their doors.

In the Philippines, at Christmas time, Ninongs and Ninangs are supposedly visited by their inaanaks to give gifts. Sometimes gifts that are slid into little envelopes that called Ampao. This is the tradition passed from our ancestors to us to preserve the love of gift-giving through Christmas.

Now, this tradition is still intact in us Filipinos though technology is upgrading rapidly and changes are quick. From face to face gift-giving to digitalized gifts. Filipinos are cheerful in spreading love through gift-giving.

Today many financial platforms cater to gift-giving and sending money.


These two platforms help Filipinos to spread love through gift-giving and sending money although the COVID-19 crisis that creates social distancing is prevalent. Start using them and have the ease to send aginaldos to your inaanaks.

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