Airdrop and Exchangers

There are many ways to earn cryptocurrency in space. Mostly there are multiple methods that can be configure to pursue gains from different tasks and trades. And one of the most effective way to utilize crypto is to gain from airdrops.

What is airdrop?

Airdrop is free currency from newly minted crypto or new cryptocurrency in space of blockchain. It is the widely used by many crypto for easy adoption of their product or project and to make good marketing strategy from people who do tasks.

There are several ways to claim the airdrop and two of them is to join token's social media chat groups and channels, and liking posts on social media platforms. 

Airdrops also reaches cryptocurrency exchangers for them to be known more easily than to make more effort to become popular and highly adopt by many.


Latoken or Liquid Asset Token Exchanger is a platform for tokenizing assets and providing liquidity of newly minted cryptocurrency in blockchain space. Many of their listed tokens have low market capital and cheap prices.  Also, Latoken is one of the first Cryptocurrency exchangers to give different airdrop for its users by doing tasks on platform's Earn Money Tab.

People are jumping in to cryptocurrency hypes and many of them loss money because of sudden dumps from their fear of missing out actions and forget other things that can also gain decent profits like airdrops.

Latoken give chance for its users to profit on airdrops and earn more gains by trading low size positions, lower than 10usdt of Binance spot trading. If you still don't have Binance account, register HERE

How to get the Airdrop?

1. Sign up on LATOKEN and verify your account. 

2. Go to Earn Money Tab and find Airdrop list. To start the airdrop, user must have Telegram to continue airdrop task. For every LATOKEN account, only one Telegram account can be integrated and there is no way for changing it.

3. Follow Latoken Telegram Bot and choose the airdrop you like to do task. Tasks are following twitter and liking tweets, joining telegram channels and group chats, buying the token at their platform, downloading Latoken mobile application, and some airdrops have quizzes.

4. After you are done doing tasks for airdrops. Distribution will process week after airdrop task expiration. Value will be calculated base on on your social media interactions, bought tokens, referrals and quizzes. Some airdrops have large worth of usdt base on token's price. 

Continue doing airdrop tasks and start holding tokens that can gain big in future. 

How to withdraw or transfer your free money

If you are now going to withdraw or transfer your earned airdrops, Convert them first to $TRX because TRC20 network as this article was written have the lowest fees for transactions. 

Done. You can now enjoy free cryptocurrency and profit from doing tasks on airdrop. Enjoy tasking airdrops on LATOKEN.

Make an account now and earn free cryptos.
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