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In the cryptocurrency space, you can earn free cryptos and make it more profitable for your goal. Making a profit from no capital investments is a real deal and some of them can make you grow through the space. It is surely profitable and sees good gain as time can make the cryptocurrency grow.

Our world is at the peak of adopting the blockchain and cryptocurrency that is why many newly minted tokens were engaged to space with small drops of airdrop to make it more decentralized. A token with lots of holders is much more secured than tokens with lesser holders. The more wallet holders the lesser the price movement and less the fluctuation of price.

Newly minted tokens or cryptocurrencies are marketed to exchangers to make them known. IEO or Initial Exchange Offering is the terminology for newly minted tokens in blockchain. Volume of traders is necessary for a crypto for liquidity and moreover adoption. That is why cryptocurrencies do more IEO than ICO or Initial Exchange Offerings where tokens will be marketed solely via advertisements, and social media.


LAToken Exchanger is a liquid asset platform that helps newly minted cryptocurrencies for providing liquidity in blockchain. 

For every newly minted cryptos, an airdrop will be conducted and be distributed among those who do the task LAToken made. Airdrop tasks are available using LAToken Telegram Bot. Every tasks is necessary like joining the telegram channel of the selected airdrop token. Upon distribution of airdrop, a Distribution announcement is always posted on LAToken's Twitter page and an email confirmation will be sent to every user that is eligible for the airdrop.

Some Airdrops are low price value and later gain enormous gains. Waiting is the name of the game when tasking airdrops on LAToken. 

If you still don't have an account on LAToken, Sign up here, verify to level 2 and gain 50 USD Credit instantly:


Crex24 is a cryptocurrency exchanger that has a built-in everyday faucet for its users. Crypto faucets can be claimed from hours to days, depending on cryptocurrency's reward pool.

Sign up here: 

The above two exchangers are the exchangers that help users to gain profit even there is no capital invested in the exchanger. There are many exchanger that has the same schemes but LAToken and Crex24 are two exchangers that are legit and withdrawal fees are not that high compare to other platforms. 

Another exchanger that giveaway free crypto is the Binance which is event base reward, users need to stake or trade assets to become eligible for the reward.  

Register here for Binance:

You can make money through cryptocurrency with or without investment, all you need to do is to focus yourself on learn necessary things and read about the fundamentals and basics of blockchain. With that, your goal can be reached easily. Happy earning.

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