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Making money on cryptocurrency space can be easy or difficult. There are man ways to earn on new technology and everything has its own setup. Getting free crypto is easy if you can manage your tasks and gain connections from different free crypto hunters. Like these crypto faucet. Everyone can earn free crypto by claiming a faucet at a defined time. But is the crypto faucet really profitable? Or is it only a time-waster?

There are many faucets out there that you can explore and have a good time to use them. On this blog, Crex, Pipeflare, and Getzen are used to be computed if they are really profitable even they have no investments.

CREX24 is a professional cryptocurrency exchange platform that has been in operation since 2017. It unites a number of virtual currencies into one platform. CREX24 offers ten faucet claims on a predefined set of hours.

The faucet claims were calculated and the base currency used is U.S. Dollar. The conversion is based on the current live price at the time this article was written. If the whole Token faucet claims were claimed every 24 hours, the total USD conversion that can be claimed is $0.0062. If claims were made every hour in 24 hours, the total USD conversion will be $0.206. 

The above USD conversion can differ from the real value. Hence, the total sum can only be withdrawn individually or should be first converted to one token. Withdrawal fees are not included in the time of calculation and can also differ from time after time. 

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Pipeflare is a platform for individual game developers and players playing and making games on top of blockchain technology. It ha also crypto-faucets that can be claimed every 24 hours and claimable native token FLR that can be claimed every 12 hours. Faucets claimed on this platform can be withdrawn instantly. 

There are multipliers for the faucet claims; Social Multiplier, Referral Multiplier, and by using Brave Browser. The social multiplier is only 1x and the Referral multiplier is 1.5x where referral counts are 10 active users.

ZEC token of 0.00002352 has a value of $0.00239 at the time this article was written.

DOGE token of 0.17054532 has a value of $0.001556 at the time this article was written.

FLR Token is the native token of the Pipeflare platform and the value of this token is still in process. It can be used for games to boost power and stats.

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GetZen is a platform for Horizen faucet. Horizen is an independent blockchain Proof-of-stake network. Horizen also bounty on their platform Horizen Developer Environment or HDE. To claim Getzen faucet, the user must first create a Zen wallet for PC or Mobile Apps. See this link for more info.

Getzen faucet is claimable every 24 hours. It has a Referral multiplier, Zen wallet verification reward, By using Brave Browser, Buying and holding Zen tokens, and Social Media reward.

The claimed Zen of 0.00003146 has a value of $0.000966. The amount claimed has no referral. Withdrawals can be done within the Zen wallet from the installed wallet for PC or Mobile Apps.

If you want to register on Getzen: CLICK ME

To summary: The three crypto faucets profit so little that it need a year to see a good value. Although their faucet claims are little, they are free to use and the value on crypto space can change time after time. Faucets can't replace compensation for daily needs. Claim your faucets now and have fun earning free cryptocurrency.

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