BlockFi : Revolutionize the Finance



In the world of finance, BlockFi is one of the revolutionize decentralized financial institution that links digital world to real world. Blockfi is a wallet for any currency and Digital currency like Bitcoin. It is also a platform for saving accounts that has bigger interest rates than other existing banks. It is most likely a bank where you can deposit, withdraw and borrow funds with collateral but with higher yield for savings account. 

Real world Use

BlockFi introduces the first reward card for real world case use that earns cryptocurrency. For existing Debit cards, some of them yield small amount of points to exchange for another product but with BlockFi's reward card, user can actually use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to buy coffee or groceries with reward of BTC. 

Higher Yield for holding accounts

BlockFi has higher interest rates for holding accounts. BlockFi clients yield monthly interest on their deposited account and earns cryptocurrency. Clients that hold an account earns interest in the beginning of every month. Interests yield compound for every client.

Crypto Loans

Blockfi's loan scheme is easier to understand and use. The loan amount client can borrow will depend on the collateral posted by the client and the LTV or Loan-To-Value ratio. By Computation, LTV is determined by the amount of the loan divided by the value of the collateral for the loan.

Limted Time Reward

The limited time reward offer by BlockFi is perfect for Christmas gift. Refer a friend and earn cryptocurrency easily.

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