PipeFlare: Everyday crypto airdrops.

Pipeflare is a gateway for videogame developers and players to earn free profit every day. Create an account and get everyday airdrops just by visiting the website. It is a great opportunity for everyone to earn little cryptocurrency. Pipeflare uses DASH, ZEC, PIVX ( coin changed to DOGE), and their native cryptocurrency FLR

What Are FLR Tokens?

FLR Tokens, aka “Flares”, are the native currency of PipeFlare and the games on our platform. FLR tokens will be tradeable soon for 1:1 value. 

How to get an airdrop from Pipeflare?

1. Add Address on respective cryptocurrency.

2. Click Claim and voila. You will get your daily airdrop. Please note that you can double your airdrop amount by using Brave browser.

3. Airdrop is every 24 hours.

How to Earn more on Pipeflare?

You can earn more on Pipeflare by playing on their games.

Pipeflare is also a gateway for freelancer videogame developers. You can submit your own game to their platform and earn cash. Just go to the right bottom of their website and click Host your Game.

Join now on Pipeflare and earn cryptos realtime.

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