Truth of Changing System


Our world is changing at its phase where no one can stop or change. But does the change can also make us left behind? What shall we do? Where shall we stop? How shall we cope things up that are not usual on our sight?

Left Behind

Things are getting worse or better depends on what our mind conceived. Reality and dreams that sometimes we alter them and things will getting messy and chaotic. It is the truth that some of us aren't ready for new things. Old is good and new is something we need to have proof before we get into it.

People can't stop the change that is happening. Everything fall in to right place in right time that somebody may need it. People can be left behind if they block themselves from rectification that may result to regret. 

Get rectified or get rekt

Before the internet was invented, many people dislikes its idea. But change had happen and things were like never before. Innovations are suppressing the ideas of the past and reconstructing the future. Then mobile phones with touch screens were invented and leaping years ahead, mobile applications boom on market that almost everything are on our handheld devices.

Years passed, COVID-19 spreads and change the world we are living. On how people pile to pay bills, dine and shop, meet-ups, even from going to school and working. Many people lost their jobs and their businesses, their life change dramatically yet they can find ways to compensate their needs everyday.

People can change base on where they are, what they have and who they are. Changing is a necessity to access the key to success. Don't mind what many people are telling. Find a ground through research and by asking to a real source.

Live Life in present

Make way on things the you need. People are made to innovate, to collaborate, to build, to do things for the common good. Be eager to ask questions that are necessary according to your goal. Things will be better if there are help within one another. No man is an island. Be decentralize where things are not on your own knowledge but by knowledge of your circle of friends. Don't flow against the current if the current is the trend for you to strive. Live life in present that past is a memory and the future is a dream to fulfill.

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