ClipClaps - Earn the Fun way

In this kind of pandemic where many businesses close and unemployment rate balloon, Income generation is difficult to find. Those who still have their own work and are the frontliners of the present- Thank you.

To those who are still looking for a job or looking for earn extra income, these blog is right for you.
Mobile application industry is a vast market for those who want to enjoy playing games, utilizing mobile phones, finding dates, uses on finance and etc. But those mobile application makes your day progressive and profitable. How about make your day profitable and enjoyable at thesame time, how good it can be.

Introducing Clipclaps

The mobile application that can make you laugh, enjoy, and earn at the same time. The application has many functionality that can be used to earn money while you are enjoying. All you need to have is a wallet from Paypal.

What's inside?

1. Playing funny videos = you just need to scroll down and watch videos to earn. Every time the ticker hits the mini chest, you can win Clapcoins that is non fungible tokens or NFT, it can be convert to US dollar.
2. Playing games = games that can be play is more fun to play because players can generate income while playing.
3. Invest Clapcoins = Investing is fun in clipclaps. Maximize your earned clapcoins by investing it in chosen Financial Plan.
4. Referral Incentives = Share the fun with your friends and relatives and co-workers and earn US dollar. Just share your link to them or you referral code.
5. Upload Video, make money = Besides of browsing funny videos to earn. User can also upload funny videos to gain profit. 

Strategy? Here you go.

If you still don't register then here is the link or use my referral code to earn 1 USD instantly.
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Strategy to gain bigger profit is by using emulator and PC.

1. Install an emulator like NOX or Bluestacks.
2. After installation, use the latest android version. Why, lags are inevitable on lower version if you use it. Then install the Clipclaps on android emulator you are using.
3. Next, go to videos where you can hover new videos and watch it continuously.
4. Then use the Macro Recorder right in the panel of your emulator.
5. Record and swipe the videos slowly for not more than 3x and stop recording.
6. After recording, go to settings of the record and play in infinite or continuous and the acceleration speed must be 0.5. 

Another strategy is by using of many mobile numbers.

Create new account by different mobile numbers and your affiliation link or code must be put in to it. Creating multiple accounts must also have different Paypal accounts. Never use same Paypal account on your other accounts.

Lastly, the proof of Payment

Payment can be made instantly after creating an account in Clipclaps. A 0.1 USD can be made to withdrawn from mobile application Clipclaps to Paypal. balance will be reflected within 24 hours.


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