EOBOT is gone.(2013-2021)

EOBOT is a platform for crypto-user that mine cryptocurrencies like etherium and bitcoin for free within its platform. It is one of the good cloud mining platforms on the web ever since 2016. EOBOT has also the option to buy mining rigs such as ASIC miners and deliver them to your home.

Before you Begin

Create an account and verify your identity to be able to withdraw your accumulated coins. Register here. Next is to Set up the authenticator for better security by any mobile or window authenticator application- ex. Google Authenticator.

Old EOBOT has a free faucet that can be claimed every 24hrs for every user but they decided to take it away and upgrade the system on mining to benefit the cloud miners. Now accumulation of token/coin will generate faster than the old platform setup.

Make it Dual Mining

EOBOT's users have the ability to choose their mining setup. They can choose a single coin to be mine or use diversify and choose the desire cryptocurrency to be mine plus Cloud Mining Ghs for dual mining. Setup of Cloud Mining Ghs makes your speed faster in accumulating the desired token/coin.

If you choose to diversify be sure that it is saved and the chosen coin/token was picked. Do not diversify more than two options. Only desired token and Cloud Mining Ghs. When in diversify, desired token and Cloud Mining Ghs interchange mining every 10 minutes. 


You can also make referrals to gain more income or you can invest Bitcoins and change it to Ghs for faster speed to mine the desired token.

Referral System

1. Click the referral button on the lower-left panel.
2. Choose the "User ID" link and copy. 
3. With the copied USER ID referral link, share it on your friends, social media, and email.

Need more Speed?

1. Click the Deposit button on the lower part panel.
2. Copy the wallet address of the chosen token and send funds to it.
3. Exchange it to Cloud Mining Ghs by clicking the exchange button on the lower right panel.
4. You can also buy straight Cloud Mining Ghs by clicking the Cloud Mining Ghs.

Withdrawing the Funds

Click the withdraw button on the lower right panel and input the wallet address. Confirmation will initiate and withdrawal funds will be reflected on your external wallet within 24-hours.

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