The Digital Currency

"Cryptocurrency is making a dramatic change in the world of finance; through blockchain technology"

What is BITCOIN?

Bitcoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency that has value like the dollar and other fiat currencies. Bitcoin is also an asset with high yielding interest per year, more secure on traditional money transactions, higher liquidation protocols, and more complex for hackers to access. 

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in November 2008 and exists to network in January 2009. 

To see updated conversion of bitcoin to your country's currency. Download the Xe currency on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


The holding of cryptocurrency should have a cold or hot wallet to ensure the safety of tokens. Cold wallets are the wallets with hardware property such as Trezor. While hot wallets are the wallets that don't need hardware to save or send tokens.

In the Philippines, CoinsPH is the leading mobile application to serve fiat and crypto-wallets that can store tokens like bitcoin. Learn more about CoinsPH.

Earn and Learn

Earning cryptos is easy if you are willing to learn and understand the keys to play them. You can profit from trading, by rewards on advertisements, by mining which is a techie thing or even following airdrops.

Ways of Earning Crypto

  • Mining = High investment, High Maintenance, high energy consumption. Low risk of fraud/scam, Should be always online, earn fast.
  • Faucets = No investments, No maintenance, more energy consumption, Medium risk of scam, should be online time after time. earn slow.
  • Trading = Investment depends on the amount you want to exchange, Volatile Market of cryptocurrency exchanges, earnings are trader dependent.
  • Airdrops = No maintenance, time-consuming, no investment, don't need to get online always, earn slow.

Mine to Power: Mining through mining machines

The most technical part of earning cryptocurrency is by mining. This method uses more electrical power for computations to earn. A miner can use an ASIC mining machine or graphic cards to mine cryptos and must be synchronized on software to run the physical part of the program. Miner can join a mining pool to dig fragments of tokens and rewarded after a block was created. Miner can also create his own pool to create a block.

Nanopool is one of the mining pool to mine cryptocurrency. There are also several mining platforms that has GUI applications They are Minergate and NiceHash.

Other Mining Platforms:

Genesis = Cloud mining with contract.

Hashflare = Cloud mining with contract.

Learn more about mining:

Get on Trend: Trading Cryptocurrency

There are more than hundreds of trading websites you can register and gain profit with them. Strategies vary in your style and timing.


  • Bittrex exchanger does have a market for tokenized stocks like TSLA(Tesla).
  • Binance exchanger has the highest volume in trades and monthly airdrops.

Click the below button to know the basics of Trading.

Save time on checking the crypto market. Use Blockfolio mobile application.

Do some Faucets:

Crypto Surf & Window Ads

Faucets are free to earn crypto strategy. There are no investments on this kind of platform and all are free. Rewards on faucets are small and takes several months to guarantee good profit.

Coinbulb is a faucet to watch video advertisements and window ads in return for cryptocurrency.

Time bounded Crypto faucets are the kind of faucets that can be claimed every given time. Click the button below for time-bounded faucets. There are also faucets that have games to play and earn. Rewards and events are plenty than other faucets and own time-bounded faucets that refreshes every 24 hours.

Pipeflare and Horizen

Crypto Airdrops

Cryptocurrency Airdrops are another way to earn for free. Airdrops apply on new tokens to get the attention of people and adapt newly built protocols on top of blockchain technology. There are tasks to follow in airdrop programs to earn crypto. A Do-your-own-Research or DYOR must be made before tasking for airdrop. Many airdrop programs are not legit and don't have real projects.

Other airdrop projects are within an application. Like Brave browser, every month, an airdrop of Basic Attention Tokens are dropping to users who browse websites within Brave Browser. Another Airdrop within an application is the Binance, everytime a new token is listed on Binance Exchanger, an airdrop distributions are made.

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