This blog will teach you on how to use the website or mobile application of to earn real income and how to buy Cryptocurrency in the Philippines.

Let's first talk about the brief history of Coinsph 

The coinsph was founded on 2014 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Ron Hose and Runar Petursson to easily sends money and saves money even without bank accounts as the grow of money transfers were booming.

Coinsph Wallet

Peso Wallet 

PHP Wallet is for the money transfer from bank accounts and load for mobile network. PHP wallet can also be use in scan to pay process on Coinsph eligible stores.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency is a digital money where you can send and received. Same on PayPal's power to send and receive. The difference is the security of transactions is tighter and less prone on hacking. The whole system is decentralized and automated, no broker in between to send or received. Let us give an example for highways are like centralized or fiat and streets are cryptocurrency. Highways have tollgates to pass from point to point where you will pay right amount to get to your destination. While on streets, to get to your destination, you will only need to know the shortcut to your destination. Street corners in cryptocurrency perse are the nodes made by a miner ( Proof-of-Work) or holder ( Proof-of-Stake). The more the street corners, the lesser the traffic and lesser time consuming.

  • Bitcoin Wallet : BTC
  • Bitcoin Cash Wallet :BCH
  • Etherium Wallet : ETH
  • Ripple Wallet : XRP

Wallets are interchangeable with fees. Remember that converting Peso to cryptocurrency wallet can be greater or lesser because of its high volatility. 

To Learn more about Cryptocurrency: 



  • Referral System = Referring a friend on Coinsph gets 100php instantly. 
  • Mobile Load Discounts = Every time you load a mobile number, 10% of the amount you spent for the load will be rebated. 
  • Payment Rebate = For every utility bill you pay, an amount of 5php will reflect to your account and if 5 unique bills were paid in a week, an amount of 50php will reflect to your peso account. 
  • Seasonal Incentives = Its discounts and rebates has time limit. You only need to do is to finish the task or make transactions on particular featured product. 
  •  Cryptocurrency Holding = By converting of PHP to any Cryptocurrency (BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP) you can gain profit every time their price starts to rise.

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