"Selling my gadget, Swap is good just add money if you have a lower unit." This selling and bartering of products today are vast, regretting the risk of fraud to some sellers that sell products with hidden defects and issues. But still, in many cases, they barter their product for win to win situation telling the truth and satisfies customers.

             The Philippines, in its early days. barters are the mainstream for selling of commodities to other nations. selling off their root and fruit crops and their poultry animals. This type of business changes as time passes by because of conquerors. The Philippines was conquered by 3 major nations, the Spain, Japan, and America.

             Although after years and decades and centuries pass, Philippines' barter system were still in used by some of the vendors all over the country. Bartering phones, mobile tablets, electronic appliances, even vehicles. Also, Aetas after their Gasak (Harvesting or hunting) was done, they use the harvested crops or hunted boars to sell or barter for things which they can use for their life in the village. But does this system of selling and buying products is worthy to coup with? The answer is yes, but there are always limitations and advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage -  Buying a new item from stores are much expensive than buying a second-hand item from other sellers. It is cheaper to buy goods at its second-hand state and much more if the buyer has his or her other product on hand that can be barter or swap so called today. The swapping value of items open for swap depends on its specification like it's brand name, the amount of memory and battery it has if it is an electronic gadget, and the year model if it is a vehicle, 

Disadvantage -  Before bartering of your products, beware of whom you are contacting because of fraud through the internet, many Sellers were scammed by their contacted person which they used to barter their product for nothing. Be aware and be vigilant on what others are telling to lure you into their traps. Some may use to say the Genuity of the product but the reality is it is a fake document that can result in your loss. Always check on the web, do a research if he or she sell is real or not, double check the item from the statement the seller used to say.

Limitations -  The item sold by barter system doesn't have a warranty in many cases because of the second-hand issue. Although it is cheaper in barter system than buying new items, you will get what you deserve on the price you paid. There are chances you will get a short period item after several weeks on your usage because of its late technology.

                On bartering strategies, Manila has the highest rate in selling of items and goods through bartering. More specific items are mobile phones. In  Quiapo, Cubao,  Divisoria, Recto and so on and so forth. Also in Social media groups, selling through barters are more often. My experience on bartering, the cheapest is by auctioning your item on social medias and wait for responses of buyers and barters. You can also be sure on responder's item than to those in the gray market or street auctioning their items that you are not so sure if its specification the vendor saying is true.

               In the end, it is your duty and responsibility if you are with the bartering system. Be honest on what you are selling and vigilant on what you are buying for it may lead to your loss if you are ignorant on things you have.


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